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Giving something away is one of the easiest methods to increase the customer base. It`s a powerful traffic generator as well as a way to have your visitors gain trust in you. If you have a website based on music, you could for example give away a CD or concert tickets. Free software, free e-mail, gift certificates, contests, newsletters, sweepstakes, vacations and various merchandise are very popular items.

There are several programs on the internet that enables you to do this. Some of them require that you already have a certain number of visitors a day to your site in order to be accepted as an affiliate.

Offering free e-books from your website is a very effective way. E-books are electronic books, usually in PDF or EXE format. The main advantage of e-books is the ability to use hyperlinks to send? readers to your website, an affiliate site or anywhere else on the internet.

You can also write your own e-book and can get it listed at the many websites that have e-book libraries for their visitors.

Each person who downloads your e-book will be getting the url to your site within the book and can click to your site.

Email newsletters are very powerful marketing tools. Ezines, unlike e-books, are sent via e-mail to subscribers. You can start an online newsletter that focuses on your website?s content.? Promote your website in your ezine to increase your traffic and sales. List your newsletter at free directories which allow publishers to list their ezines and visitors to write reviews and rate them.

Another decent way is to offer a contest and have people fill out an entry form. When you receive the entries you can e-mail those who submitted entries in order to announce the winners.

You can list in some additional items of interest about your services and opportunities in this e-mail. Consider to advertise your contest on sites that list sweepstakes and contests.

Ask for referrals. The best type of advertising is word of mouth. Place a referral form on your site where customers can give you their friend?s names and email addresses. In return, you will give your customer a special bonus and send an email to their friends on their behalf. The email you send must include a very special offer and refer to the customer that gave you the contact.

Your customer?s opinions are worth gold, especially if they write them down. Include testimonials from satisfied customers in all of your promotional material. This technique gives your product or service more credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

Get free offline publicity for your website by using press releases and announcements. Check your newspaper and find the right category that might list your information.

Blog about your website. The search engines like blogs for some reason. This is an advertising method that is popular as of the moment, so you never have to worry that this will never spur outcome. Now that you have a blog, you should also have a RSS feed. The RSS feed on your blog allows people to subscribe and get updates every time you post. Mass submit your new blog post address to the top content sharing and social bookmarking sites. ?

Write articles and submit them to article directories, don`t forget to include the link to your site in your resource box. If your article is on a bunch of directories, the chances are higher of it being used on someone?s site or in a newsletter. All of which will generate a lot of traffic very quickly. Re-work Your Article Into A Squidoo Lens. Now that you have that article, rework it, meaning separate it into sections or bulleted lists that can be created into a Squidoo Lens. Offer something of substance and your customer base will build significantly, as will the confidence in your services.


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