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It has been what seems like an eternity that we?ve been waiting for Twitter to realize that Small Businesses matter, and whilst their advertising had previously been limited to larger businesses and corporations (The advertising budget minimum was $5000) it has now finally started working with smaller businesses.

In what is an incredible smart (but belated) move by Twitter, they seemed to have planned effectively and created a great program. See what they have to say below;


  • Get started in minutes: we provide ongoing management of your advertising.
  • No previous advertising experience is required. If you can tweet, you can advertise on Twitter.
  • Gain new followers: Promoted Accounts helps your small business connect with new people who want to hear from you and can spread the word about your business to others.
  • Amplify your Tweets: Promoted Tweets helps your small business get your messages in front of more of the right people. Twitter will take out the guesswork by automatically identifying and promoting your most engaging Tweets.
  • Pay per follower for Promoted Accounts and per engagement (click, retweet, reply, and favorite) for Promoted Tweets.
  • Target the whole world, specific countries, or limit your reach to specific U.S. metropolitan areas.

So no rocket science involved then? No, and that is the beauty. It?s simple and effective. No longer will big corporations or organisation dominate promoted tweets. This opens up a host of opportunities for extremely targeted advertising within the microblogging site. Perhaps you provide a service specific to your local area or country? Now you can target a new audience rather than simply relying in traditional amplification of your tweets through your community.

Twitter themselves say;

?From the start, small businesses of all types have made their homes on Twitter, using the platform to interact with current customers and market to new ones. We are excited to offer small businesses the chance to create even more marketing success as advertisers on Twitter.?

Whilst this may not be open to all right now, it won?t be long before this is rolled out and offered to all businesses on Twitter.


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